Krishna and Erica are wed at St. Martin Lutheran Church and The Tuscarora Inn

It was so hot for Krishna and Erica’s wedding day!  But, everyone had fabulous attitudes, which made for fabulous images!  Here are some of our favorites:

Look at those cheeks:

The beautiful bride:

At the altar, with a curious ring-bearer:

I LOVE this moment with the groom’s parents after the ceremony:

Outside the church:

This is a labyrinth in the church’s courtyard that the bride’s father made!

At Delaware Park:

A yogurt toast:

The beautiful Tuscarora Inn in Lockport:

The bride’s dance with her dad:

The groom with his mom:

And, with his niece:

They are FAMILY!!

The groom teaching the crowd Bollywood style:

All of their images will soon be available here.
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