Chris and Tracy in Niagara Falls!!

Chris and Tracy came all the way from Arizona to hold their wedding in Niagara Falls.  Their wedding guests were from all over the country.  We had a fabulous day for this sweet couple’s wedding!

The mother of the bride helped her get ready:

Leaving the Seneca Niagara Hotel for the ceremony:

The groom, relaxed, just before the ceremony:

The flower girl getting some love from a relative:

This is a view from the side of the sanctuary during the ceremony:

Coming out of church:

We went to Beaver Island State Park for pictures.  This is on the clubhouse deck:

Fun bridal party:

The ring bearer blowing dandelion seeds during some down-time:

Isn’t she beautiful?

MMMMM . . . Their cake was from Muscoriel’s, Niagara Falls’ premier bakery:

First dance, accompanied by bubbles:


The flower girl and her daddy:

Beautiful wedding!  More of their images will soon be available here.

God bless you, Chris and Tracy!!