Cody and Jess are MARRIED!!

On the way home from my first meeting with Jess, I called Kevin and said, “I just made a friend!”  She has a gift of making everyone feel comfortable and special.  Then, when we did their “She said YES!” engagement session, they brought their longboards.   We had so much FUN!  I was definitely looking forward to this wedding!  And, it didn’t disappoint.
Cody and Jess saw each other before their wedding.  What follows is a small portion of their “First Look.”  It is one of my favorite things to photograph.  Although it goes counter-culture, this offers a window of time in their intensely emotional day for the bride and groom to share a private moment, before they have to be “on.”  This is 3 images in a series.
Because Cody and Jess are non-traditional, I worked it!  Pool, anyone?  We also took photos in the hotel’s laundry room!
Just after their first kiss, they gave each other a big hug.  I love the look on her face here!
On the way to the limo:
 Their reception was at The Lodge in Buffalo.  The owner let Kevin and I up into this private balcony, where we had a bird’s eye view of cocktail hour.
 Their private table was under this beautifully restored dome. 
 Catered by Chef Binks, one of Buffalo’s finest (and a gentleman, who served the bride himself)!
 Look where they stood to throw the garter and bouquet!
They brought in Nitro Magic, who made cream freeze in seconds using liquid nitrogen.  Way COOL!  And, WAAAAY good!
Jess, at the end of the night.  Still as beautiful as ever, chillin in the ladies’ room.
Soon all of their images will be available here.  
We so enjoyed our day with you, Cody and Jess!  We hope you can relive your very special day every time you look at your photos!