Our trip to Binghamton (or, Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Liebner)!!!

Last Saturday, Kevin and I had the privilege to travel to Binghamton to photograph James and Megan’s wedding.  It was faaaaabulous, Dahhhhhling!
We met Megan at her parent’s home.  Meet her brother:
And, her Dad:
 QUITE the family!  We were so blessed to spend the day with them!  This next photo is just to prove that I can still take serious photos, lol.
This is the moment in every ceremony that just feels completely surreal.  I’m sure it has everything to do with being a parent, myself.  But, I can’t help but put myself in their shoes here.  Yes, she comes in like a rockstar (see the paparazzi?)  But, what does THIS moment feel like for mom and dad?  I tear up just thinking about it.
 Woohoo!  The kiss and the reaction in one shot!!
This is called making lemonade from lemons.  The church was hosting a pumpkin sale all over the front lawn.  But, instead of letting it get them down, the bridal party came up with a very fun photo, using some of those selfsame pumpkins.
I’m totally USING this photo to lead into the next one.  Romantic, right?
 Then, check out the James’ reaction when Megan’s veil comes off on his head!  Aren’t they awesome??!
I could have done this entire blog from their reception images.  I LOVE the reactions we caught!  But, I will leave you with these final two.  First, look at how that dance floor is framed!  A photographer’s dream!  
But, most of the dance floor photos are much more about the style of the dancers than the preparation of the room.  Like, this one!!
James and Megan, we had a blast!  Thank you for choosing us to photograph your wedding day!