Mike and Cathy and the Tonawanda Castle!

Mike and Cathy’s wedding, complete with the adoring groom, the smiling bride, and beautiful special touches, was a night to be remembered!  It was one of those times when I think, “I LOVE MY JOB!!”
Her Dad escorted her down the aisle.  I love this shot where they seem to be sharing a little secret.
The kiss and the celebrating priest!
A kiss walking back down the aisle.
We took pictures by the canal in North Tonawanda.  I love how Mike gets very real reactions out of Cathy.
The castle was beautifully decorated!  Cathy pulled out all of the stops.  I asked one of the bartenders if it always looks this beautiful for weddings.  She said, “It always looks good.  But this is exceptional!”  Way to go, Mike and Cathy!
The castle used to be an armory.  This was taken in the Captain’s room.
I love that monogram! 
It was a special night for everyone who attended.  Thank you, Mike and Cathy, for giving us the privilege of being there!