Breathtaking, anyone?

As Kevin and I were on our way to Sascha and Karen’s wedding, I read aloud from their contract, “Please write down a few words that describe the styles or feelings that you are looking for in your photos.”  To which they had replied (among other things), “breathtaking.”  Now, I am ALWAYS nervous on my way to a wedding.  But, on their particular wedding day, the wind was blowing like crazy and rain was forecasted.  Add to this her desire for “breathtaking” photos.  The pressure was on.  I did what I know to do.  I prayed.  And, wow!  Did God deliver!
Our first stop was the hotel where the girls were getting ready.
From there, we picked up the guys.  And. . . . . .  brace yourself.  She got her “breathtaking!” 
Enter whole bridal party
Their wedding cake had real gold on it!
Karen is a very talented aesthetician.  Her eye for details could be seen all around the room.
I love this photo because you can see Karen’s beautiful expectation.  Surrounding her are 3 bridesmaids who cried through most of the ceremony.  🙂
Kevin captured some stellar images of the toasts!
The bride and groom’s first dance was mmmmmm, mmmmmm good!
I’m really proud of this shot of the groom dancing with his mom, and the bride watching in the background.  
Sascha and Karen, I hope you got your breathtaking!  All of the images will be available here by the end of next week.  Enjoy!!