Rob and Michelle’s Wedding Album!

Since it’s taken a while for me to blog the Richards’ wedding, I thought I’d do their blog a little differently.  They have already made some changes to the album, they love it, and it’s off being printed as I type.  Sooo, here is a special sneak peak at what’s to come.  BTW- these are just a few of their page spreads, not the whole album!
This is the page spread of the girls getting ready.  (The black border and opaque band with “Jennifer Allis Photography” are for the web.  They are not in their album.)
This is the guys’ preparation page spread.
This spread is from their in-between photos. 
And, this is their final page.  Rob wanted to feature his Trans Am in a photo.  Kevin came up with the idea of using their “congratulations” sign in the background.  They LOVED it!
This post is long overdue.  But, I hope the peak into their (yet-to-be-released) album makes up for it!!