Rich and Shaine are getting married!!

I LOVE THESE TWO!!  They’re getting married in August.  So, to celebrate, we played at the carnival area in Olcott beach.  Sooooo much fun!!

The owner of the park let us in, before it even opened for the season.  How cool is that?!  Then, you should’ve seen Shaine’s face when she opened the door to this carousel!  (Yes, all rides really do cost just 25 cents!)
This place is awesome!!  
“Hey, Lady, I’m outta money.”
“But, uh, you’re kinda cute.”  🙂
Awwwww, she’s a softie.  🙂
But, not about this.  Rules are rules.  You hafta be 52″ tall.  Sorry!
I was all about this motto for their background.  Tis true!
Not only are they super-fun, but they’re also the worship leaders at our church (Victory Christian Church in Lockport, NY).  I BEGGED him to bring his guitar!  hehe
Can you stand these two?  Cuter than anything and ultra-in-love.
A big ole’ smooch to Rich and Shaine.  Thanks for a really fun engagement shoot!  I pray that God blesses you BIG in your upcoming marriage!!