It’s a Wonderful Life

This is Don and Dana.  They are one of the smiliest, laughingest couples I’ve met.  It was a JOY to photograph their wedding!
He was READY!!
(This is Kevin’s pic)  I love this – a view through the shoulders of the bride and her father as they’re about to walk down the aisle.
What is he thinking?????
Trying to hold back tears.  Sweet emotion.
Check out this cathedral!!  Amazing!  I photographed a wedding here (St. Mary’s in Medina, NY) years ago, and an image very similar to this one has earned me countless oooohs and aaaaaahs at bridal shows!!
They did it!  The tension is off!  Now, it’s time for the fun stuff!
Classic pic of a pic inside the limo.
How can you NOT have fun with this crowd??!
“Hey, who wants to swing?”  EVERYBODY!!
Getting our money’s worth out of the bubbles!!
Check out the PINK trees that the groom spotted!  Even nature went with their color scheme!
How sweet!
See, what did I tell you about those smiles??!  🙂
Introducing Brent Powley of Beamin Sounds Entertainment.  He can always be counted on to get the party started!
When it’s time to dance, it’s time to DANCE!!
Wigs courtesy of Beamin Sounds.  (I think the groom and his brother enjoyed them!)
Exciting garter time.  🙂  She really got it up there!!
Dear Don and Dana, just keep SMILIN!!  And, thank you for including us in your amazing day!
More photos to come: here