A Pair of Kings

Mr. and Mrs. King were wed in a quaint church in none other than Eden, NY!  Surrounded by friends and family, this was truly a match made in heaven.  Congratulations, Jeff and Mandy!
The blushing bride!
Here she comes!
Family waching. . .
No bubbles for them.  They had a DOVE RELEASE!  Beautiful!
Kevin and I were getting a little funky with the family and friends!  This was Kevin’s shot, while I was right in front of them.  (Isn’t he good?!)
This was my view.
Here’s Kevin’s, again.
I found this old split-rail fence that I just HAD to use.  Cool, huh?
Mandy requested a silhouette.  How’s this?
And, there’s nothing like a fun toast to get the evening started!
The groom lovin on Grandma.  Awwwwww
Jeff and Mandy showing how it’s done!
This photo demands a story.  This is the first wedding I’ve ever been to where there is only ONE guy who admitted he was single for the garter toss.  Check out Jeff’s reaction!  🙂  Plus, there was another guest who was not about to let this lone garter-catcher live this down without a huge laugh from the crowd!  
Jeff could hardly throw the garter for how hard he was laughing.
A little Hokey-Pokey, anyone?
I couldn’t have said it better myself.  A big Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. King!
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